I’m Bipolar And I Know It!

CoverIBAIKIKindle DETERMINED to treat her Bipolar Disorder with compassion, awareness, love, and understanding, instead of prescription medications, Roni Askey-Doran embarks on a dangerous solo mission to salvage her sanity and somehow create the balance in her life that she desperately needs to survive. I’m Bipolar And I Know It tells her amazing story in vivid colors, the challenges and triumphs, the almost insurmountable odds, and her ultimate success in learning to live alongside her terrible mental illnesses with true inner peace and eventual happiness. Roni describes each arduous step she took towards her ultimate healing. Written in a no-holds-barred tragi-comic style, her hard-won successes and her dismal, sometimes life-threatening failures are outlined in great detail, guiding the reader through some quite unexpected methods of healing and some very surprising outcomes.

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Melanie on June 17, 2014
Five stars – Not just for bipolaroids but for everybody!
“I’m a friend of Roni’s and I had no clue she was bipolar until I heard about the book. I bought it because I like her writing style and because I wanted to support her, but now that I have finished it, I think it should be on the self-help shelf of every library! This book is not just for bipolaroids, but also for anybody who suffers from depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder, or has a low self-esteem… or even anybody who, like me, is usually cheerful but has faced some difficult situations in life which have brought moments of despair and self-doubt. AND it’s also for friends and family. Which means EVERYBODY can benefit from this book. Far from being theoretical, Roni talks about her own life and how she has managed to deal with all the difficult situations she has faced. She offers the reader a very practical toolkit, in which each of us should be able to find something useful for his/her on life. Above all, this is an amazing survival story.”

Famous Last Words

The Thing About Semen
The Question of Lithium
The Sweet Life
Breaking Up With The Supermarket
From Suicidal to Sensational
and more…



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