Little Book of Strine

frontcoversmall“G’day mate! Owyergaan? Ya’ orright, or what?”

For those who don’t get the drift, at last, here is the ultimate all-in-one guide to the bizarre spoken language of Australia! Ever spoken to an Aussie and wondered what they’re rabbiting on about? This book will help to decipher Strine so all youse will be able to twig on and join the yabbering! “Yeah mate, no wuckers!”

Whether you’re at home, out with Aussie friends, or headed Down Under to go walkabout, this little phrasebook is the answer to your all your ridgy-didge language strife. Over 250 pages of definitions and entertaining illustrations will make a bonzer difference next time an Ocker crosses your path.

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WARNING: This book is not politically correct, and contains explicit content not suitable for children or those easily offended. (See the Disclaimer on page 3 for clarification.)

With over 250 pages of the wonderfully colloquial Australian language laid out in easy-to-read print and colourfully illustrated with original eye-catching designs, this laugh-out-loud guide to Australian (pronounced “Strine”) will amuse you and your family and friends for years to come. Just like a regular dictionary, “Strine” words and phrases are accompanied by their true meanings, synonyms and sometimes their origin. The Little Book of Strine is the perfect culture and language guide for anyone who is travelling to the Land Down Under, has Aussie friends they can’t understand, or ! Entertainment and education all rolled into one great little package!

The Little Book Of STRINE
The Language of Australia: Deciphered









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