Phew! Argh! Eeew!


Update: The tiny village of Mompiche, where I live, was at the epicenter of ‪#‎EcuadorEarthquake‬ on 16 April 2016, and while we fared better than other places, we had some rebuilding to do.
Last year, I promised that ALL profits from the sale of each copy of Phew! Argh! Eeew! will go to restocking kitchens. Well, it got beyond that. We actually built a house. Yes, a whole house for a family of six. While eternally grateful, the family prefers to remain anonymous. And I am grateful for you. Thank you so much for helping to #RebuildEcuador.


Phew! Argh! Eeew! is a fantastic collection of short travel tales so enthralling, so gripping, and so chilling to read that you’ll never leave home again.

When this intrepid young backpacker first embarked on her adventures around the globe, even her own wild imagination could not have conjured up some of the unforetold events that took place in her thirty-five years of travel.

Despite being hijacked in Bulgaria, nearly dying of Malaria in India, being imprisoned in Ecuador and almost blown to pieces in Turkey, Roni lived to tell her stories in the vivid and humorous style for which she is known. The only person she never told was her mother….

In the safety of your armchair, hang on for dear life as Roni takes you on a journey you will not soon forget.

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Bruce Macdonald of The Sun, Australia: “Exhilarating! I gripped my seat as Roni swept me away on her outrageous adventures, leaving me breathless and exhausted.”

Scott Nisbett of Now Magazine in Toronto, Canada: “!”

Phil Askey-Doran (Roni’s dad): “How many lives have you spent now?”
Roni: Don’t worry, Dad. Wild cats get more lives…”

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