25 Things


Roni Askey-DoranSM

1. She grows organic jackfruit, soursops, and coconuts.

2. When she was 7, she broke an athletic world record.

3. Her pet hates include: having her name spelled incorrectly and Karaoke.

4. She’s a closet plate-licker – especially if the sauce is amazing.

5. Bananas feature prominently in her diet. All kinds of bananas; there are five types of bananas growing in Roni’s garden, three sweet and two cooking varieties.

6. She wrote and published her first book in 1992. It was a children’s story about garbage and its effect on nature. Each page was hand-painted.

7. She’s allergic to cats but currently has three, and keeps rescuing them anyway.

8. She knows how to survive on $5 a week.

9. She makes the best chili sauce ever, and loves to eat it on grilled bananas.

10. Her favorite food is: anything with amazing sauce.

11. In Thailand’s historic city of Ayutthaya, she almost got booked for not wearing a helmet on her motorbike, but sped away before the police could write the ticket.

12. She ALWAYS skips the ads on Youtube.

13. When she was 6, she jumped off a garage roof because Superman inspired her (and no one had told her that human beings can’t actually fly).

14. Her favorite outfit to wear while writing is pyjamas.

15. Much of the inspiration for her fictional characters comes while she’s washing the dishes.

16. In 1992, she had lunch with Elton John at Wagamama in Bloomsbury, London just after it opened. A month later, she went there again, and dined with Jimmy Barnes and Johnny Diesel.

17. She’s been married three times and has now developed an allergy to matrimony. Symptoms include itchiness, irritability, and a painful skin rash.

18. She was bullied so much at high school that she refuses to attend the reunions.

19. For two and a half years, the only footwear Roni owned was a pair of wellingtons and two pairs of flipflops.

20. There is no veterinarian where she lives, so she treats her own cats with guesses and good luck.

21. In 1979, she won a disco dance contest with her wiggly rendition of Le Freak by Chic.

22. She flipped a coin in 1995 to decide where to live and it landed on heads: Turkey.

23. She keeps two machetes in her bedroom.

24. In 1984, she won a fashion design award for her casual/beachwear collection.

25. She built a special place in her house where she can smash glass as part of her therapy.

Visit the Bookshop to purchase books by Roni.
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