Teun van der Laan is a Dutch backpacker who has taken Phew! Argh! Eeew! with him on his adventures around the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

Daniel lives in North Queensland, Australia. He’s a self-employed electrician who likes to read in his spare time.

Yvet Verhoeven likes to read adventure stories. She lives in Holland.

Janice Maltby lives in Queensland, Australia and reads to relax.

Karen VanDenBerg is the publisher of Step 12 Magazine in Los Angeles, California. On days off, she loves to read.

Roberto Scotto d’Aniello, whose photo graces page 34 of Mompiche: A Foreign Perspective, bought a copy of the book for posterity. Roberto is a surfer who divides his time between Mompiche, Ecuador and Génova, Italy.

Joao Book
Joao Stacishin de Queiroz received his copy of Mompiche: A Foreign Perspective as a gift.

Dr Julie Conzelmann bought a copy of Broken to take on vacation. Julie is a writer and editor who owns her own business.