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Zara Kaplan has been sexually abused by her grandfather since she was a child. At sixteen, Zara runs away. In the city, Jay Thorndyke rescues Zara from the streets, and the unlikely pair become fast friends. In the heart of the red-light district, Zara is plunged into a whirlwind of wild parties, alcohol, and drugs.

Zara’s friends have no inkling of her tormented past, or her checkered present. She can’t find the words to tell them her horrific story. Wrapped up in their own troubles, Zara’s friends are oblivious to her plight.

Seeking relief from her tortured memories, Zara sinks deeper into an abyss of reckless oblivion, heading down an ominous road littered with sex, drugs, and death.

Can her friends save her in time?

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Chasing Unicorns

CHASING UNICORNS ChasingUnicornsWPBookshop

Carl Rutherford is an award-winning businessman. He’s a respected member of the community, a board member on a number of prominent construction companies. His friends include the mayor, the police commissioner and several high-profile senators. Carl is also a pedophile.

Chasing Unicorns is the journey of Carl’s victims and how they survived. Carl is arrested and brought before the courts. He is confronted by his victims, each of whom has struggled to come to terms with the abuse.

During the judicial process, the four women unite and march together to seek justice. Jade, Ruby, Katie and Lizzie form strong bonds and lasting friendships. Can they win against such a rich and influential man?

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Melanie on April 19, 2015
5 stars I loved it!
Chasing unicorns is a gripping page-turner. Wanting to know what happens next kept me reading (too) quickly and until the small hours of the morning. Now that I’ve finished it, I know I’ll read it again – more slowly this time, to really take it in properly. There is a lot to take in and to process: this is a novel about child abuse, based on the true story of the author’s own life and struggles. Yet it is far from being a depressing read. Besides the tough – shocking even – moments of the abuse itself, the feelings of the victims, and the wreckage it causes to their lives, this is actually a story of hope and survival. As you follow these 4 women in their fight for justice, the pain of the abuse is slowly superseded by the combined effects of their resolve to regain control over their lives, and the support and love of their family and friends, both female and male. Strength, courage, hope, love, joy: this book shows you can climb out of hell and turn your life around. Truly inspiring!

Lyne on February 21, 2015
5 stars I loved this book!
“This book kept me turning pages and avoiding responsibilities until I finished the last page. It was more than a page turner, it was a story that got me concerned and involved with the characters and their stories and I couldn’t put it down because I had to know what happened to them. This book is full of hard emotion and it dealt beautifully with some very real issues. I read this book a while ago and it stays with me, every single part of it and I would be happy to see a sequel. Do yourself a favour and read Chasing Unicorns. Chances are you will find yourself more involved in a book than you have ever been. I loved this book!”

Susan Johnson on November 29, 2014
5 stars I would highly recommend it
“A story of three women and the tragic events that connects them. Chasing unicorns is about the victims of a pedophile. The story begins with one of his victims attempting to take her life. Luckily she survives and with the help of a friendly detective, starts to take action against the abuser. During this time the detective happens across another victim who is working as a prostitute. As the book unfolds the reader realizes the pedophile actually has a 14 year old girl captive. The book is extremely well written and deals with such a delicate issue with the respect and tenderness it deserves. These are stories that need to be told but be warned the book is graphic and can be uncomfortable for some. I would highly recommend it.”

I’m Bipolar And I Know It!

CoverIBAIKIKindle DETERMINED to treat her Bipolar Disorder with compassion, awareness, love, and understanding, instead of prescription medications, Roni Askey-Doran embarks on a dangerous solo mission to salvage her sanity and somehow create the balance in her life that she desperately needs to survive. I’m Bipolar And I Know It tells her amazing story in vivid colors, the challenges and triumphs, the almost insurmountable odds, and her ultimate success in learning to live alongside her terrible mental illnesses with true inner peace and eventual happiness. Roni describes each arduous step she took towards her ultimate healing. Written in a no-holds-barred tragi-comic style, her hard-won successes and her dismal, sometimes life-threatening failures are outlined in great detail, guiding the reader through some quite unexpected methods of healing and some very surprising outcomes.

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Melanie on June 17, 2014
Five stars – Not just for bipolaroids but for everybody!
“I’m a friend of Roni’s and I had no clue she was bipolar until I heard about the book. I bought it because I like her writing style and because I wanted to support her, but now that I have finished it, I think it should be on the self-help shelf of every library! This book is not just for bipolaroids, but also for anybody who suffers from depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder, or has a low self-esteem… or even anybody who, like me, is usually cheerful but has faced some difficult situations in life which have brought moments of despair and self-doubt. AND it’s also for friends and family. Which means EVERYBODY can benefit from this book. Far from being theoretical, Roni talks about her own life and how she has managed to deal with all the difficult situations she has faced. She offers the reader a very practical toolkit, in which each of us should be able to find something useful for his/her on life. Above all, this is an amazing survival story.”

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